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A Guide To Permanent "Beast Mode"

I changed my life in 2013. At the age of 36, I realized I was becoming more of a "little bitch" as my deranged weeks and months passed. I was falling back into bad habits, totally lost as far as women go, and I was crawling along at 205 lbs., a full 30 lbs. more than I weighed playing a year of college football - the last "Beast Mode" time in my life.

Symptoms of being a "little bitch" in life are: "eat everything and nothing" crap diet, low confidence, depression, low libido, general "bitchy" attitude, little-to-no self control, distracted, low income, lack of focus.

A few things sparked my life change: a renewed faith in God, a decision that "this is enough", and most importantly, the decision to TAKE ACTION.

It is said "life is a journey, not a destination". All these years I thought I knew how to diet, how to work out, and how to be a bad-ass. Had I lost or forgotten those skills? As it turns out, there is a little known or talked about FACT that when men turn 30 years of age, they lose at least 1% of testosterone per year every year thereafter. At 36, that was no less than 6% of loss for me!! I have a strong feeling it was more than that. You see, as I researched more, I found that there are things put in everyday products like deodorant, shampoos, soaps, and plastics - xeno-estrogens. And they make you into a "little bitch" and can have serious effects on your health later in life!

As I am beginning to see day in and day out, everything we "thought" we knew about life and things that sustain our life like diet, exercise, happiness, sex, and religion, was tragically wrong. All of my knowledge had been polluted. I've had to re-learn everything I thought I knew.

My knowledge is now Your knowledge :)

The following is my guide to Permanent "Beast Mode". Starting in February 2013 and all they way through to December, I have been able to accomplish the following:

-shed 30 lbs of body fat and gained 10 lbs of muscle
-changed body fat percentage from 18% to 13%
-full of energy, focus, and confidence - BEAST MODE!
-many options with Women
-killed my bad habits and new GREAT habits where reborn
-unbelievable level of happiness and positive determination
-feeling closer to my Higher Power than ever before


Here are the basic things that I did to change my diet and exercise.

It mostly started with the following 2 resources:

Engineering the Alpha 2.0 - John Romaniello
Sixpack Shortcuts - Mike Chang

Intermittent Fasting - This is where you eat that same amount of food you normally do, but instead of eating small meals throughout the day (old school thinking), you only eat for 8-9 hours of the day and fast the other 15-16 hours per day (Beast Mode thinking).  I personally eat my meals Mon-Fri from 11AM-8PM and on weekends about 12PM-7PM.  The first week or two will be hard to adjust but it will be a lot easier if you have already stopped drinking coffee by this time.

Pre-cooking - This was probably the most important thing that I did to loose 25 lbs and gain 10 lbs of muscle.  It takes a lot of learning, patience, and dedication to truly change how you think about food and take ACTION in the real world.  Many people say they "eat healthy", but this is what separates the Men from the boys.  You must change the way you think about food from a "pleasure center" to one of pure energy to FEED THE BEAST.  You must be in tune with your body.  Here is a great video on pre-cooking.  Here are some randoms hints to help you along the way: 1. invest in tupperware (non-BPA), and cooking utensils (1 large pot, cooking board, chopping knife, etc.) 2. 3 lbs ground beef stir-fry with veggies like radishes, brocoli, mushrooms, onions, squash.  I eat this with a kale salad with grapes, pears, cucumbers, radishes, and any dressing.  This is my 6-day per week meal plan.

IMPORTANT: Eat only organic, non-gmo foods.  This will take some practice and is a challenge to decifer most of the time.  Especially in California where they have all but outlawed real non-gmo labeling.  I personally eat halal ground beef and mostly organic fruits and vegatables.

Cut out coffee.  This is a must for true Beast Mode.

Cheat days are important for building muscles.  Take advantage.

Once you are in good habits with what you put into your body you will not want to go back to bad habits.

Supplements - I take the following supplements:

Nascent Iodine - the single most important supplement I take.  You could do without everything including diet, exercise, and all the other stuff and still see benefits from this one supplement.  Here is a great video on the basics of Iodine.

Ester-C (vitamin C)

Royal Jelly



Vitamin D-3

Coconut Oil

Fish Oil


BioCore Digestive Enzymes

Vitamin E

Selenium - a must-have when taking the Nascent Iodine and helps in the cleansing process


Hemp Protein

Whey Protein


Progesterone Cream



Ionized Salt

Apple Cider Vinegar

The general rule with supplements is do what works for you.  Keep in mind that anything that you ingest will still need to pass through your stomach and liver in order to be absorbed by your body.  Having great intestinal health will be key in any physical and hormonal changes in your body.  Great intestinal health is a must-have!!


Calistenics Workouts vs. Long/Slow Cardio -Another myth to dispell is that long, slow cardio works to loose weight.  The problem with this myth is that you'll hit a platueu in your cardio and you won't be able to lose any more weight.  This is where calistenics come in...

For my calistenics workouts I downloaded an app called "Impetus" on Android and it helps me plan my morning workouts.  I'm sure there are plenty of other "timer" apps out there.  I use a total 8:30 minute session where I do 4 exercises for 30 seconds at a time and throw in (2) :15 sec rest periods. It looks like this: 30/30/30/30 (Rest :15) 30/30/30/30 (Rest :15) 30/30/30/30 and 30/30/30/30.  BEAST!!

Conclusion - By taking ownership of what I put into my body, mind, and spirit, I was able to transform my life.  Please take the above information with a grain of salt.  It is not meant for everyone.  You must have a deep need to change your life and the patience to see if through.  This isn't a "fad diet" or a new workout.  This is a new perspective on life that starts from the inside-out.  Change from your core being, your intestines - literally! 

The story is not over yet!  I will continue to seek information and tweek and improve things.  Keep in mind that anything you put your body through you don't really see in the physical being for a few days or a week.  Meaning, if I workout today and eat good organic food, my body will process those effects on the outside in 3-4 days.  So you're body is always a few days behind in processing what you feed it.  This is where dedication, patience, and faith come into play.  Work on those things and the physical changes will come in time.

Above all of the physical benefits have been my ability to do meditation and to be "still" and focused.  Especially on the weekends when I don't eat breakfast and spend those quiet morning hours "sungazing" or in other words meditation through gratitude.  More on that later!

Good luck on your life change and cheers to your success!

Peace Beast,



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